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NICEFIT has been providing Recruitment services for IT Product and Technology Companies in India since 2011. We have been working on a diverse set of technologies including Cloud, Big data, Analytics, Enterprise and Mobile Applications. NICEFIT connects your company with best talents that fits both your work culture and expectations that you’re looking for in a new hire.

We are specialized in finding highly skilled professionals for all sizes of companies in the Information Technology and Management.

NICEFIT Platform is an integrated Technology Platform designed for Employers, Job Seekers, Recruiters, Skill Developers, Career Counsellors, Campus Training and Placement Centres to assess skills/knowledge, understand training needs and facilitate job/career selection. It provides a comprehensive capability for online assessment on a variety of subjects and skills.

The platform is used by:

  • Employers for screening candidates before Hiring
  • Recruiters for Technical skill assessment of job seekers
  • Finishing schools for continuous assessment of trainee students to track progress
  • Skill developers or Training Faculties for Training needs analysis through assessment
  • Career counsellors to facilitate in job/career selection


Career Guidance


With growing uncertainty in Jobs and Careers, you need someone to discuss your personal career challenges. Reach out to us if you need help in

1. Career Counselling

2. Job Selection 

Career Counselling- Our Expert will guide you in finding the right career path.

Job Selection – Our Expert will advice on finding the perfect job that suits your skills and interests.

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