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Performance Metrics

Resume Screening Effectiveness

Resume Rejects is a metric we use to measure our Resume Screening Effectiveness. While our goal is to achieve lower than 20% of profiles being rejected by customers, we have achieved the same for over 65% of JDs in the year 2014-15.  What gives us great satisfaction that for many JDs there were not even a single rejection of profile by our customers. Lower  Resume Rejects helps our customers save time and effort on resume screening and technical interviewing

Time to Hire

Offer Closure Time (defined as the time difference between the offered date and profile submission date) is a metric we use and track to measure time we take in closing a position. Most customers prefer to close positions fast. While average closure time is nearly a month, we have closed many positions in less than 10 days time

Post Offer Follow up

We also take great care in following up with offered candidates to minimize post-offer declines. While the industry standard varies from 30-40% of post offer declines, with more than 50% of our customers we have achieved <20% offer declines.

  • When I was looking quite seriously for a better job opportunity, somebody from NICEFIT consultants got into touch with me. The first conversation itself was so nice that I was very much impressed. In the later stages also, they communicated with me in a comfortable way. At, one stage there was a conflict between Motivity Labs & me regarding salary fixation, where NICEFIT helped me greatly solve the issue.Finally,I was placed in Motivity Labs as a Team Lead, which made me feel extremely happy.

    Jagan MohanMotivity Labs, Hyderabad
  • Thanks for posting my resume to Analog. Much of the credit comes to you in first place. I am very grateful to you for making the endeavors in my job. Let me know if I can assist you some way

    Dushyant JunejaAnalog Devices, Bengaluru
  • Finding an opportunity for senior position needs good network. NICEFIT is one such network.Unlike other consultants NICEFIT does a good job in understanding the profile and finding a perfect match. They did a very impressive job when I was looking for a change; they followed regularly with me on the development. I dealt with many consultants and NICEFIT is incomparable with many other consultants. I have had a professional relationship with NICEFIT. Thanks to NICEFIT staff and especially Susanta.

    MuralidharPolycom, Hyderabad
  • It was a great experience . I am thankful to NICEFIT for helping me out to find a better job and for the very helpful, healthy and active communication

    Prashant SinghBORQS
  • Being a consulting company, NICEFIT understood my expectation very well. Initial round of discussion with your consultant was very good. Timely follow up and scheduling interview everything was great. Kudos to Praveen for perfect follow up till I joined new organisation, and thanks as well to bear all my silly questions. Best part is he replied to all queries on time, over mail and phone. Good work. Keep it up. Good luck.

    Harshwardhan SharmaSkyhigh
  • I was very happy the moment I spoke to a Recruiter (Kalyani ) from NICEFIT, they are a terrific company who really care about their candidates. In one phone call they captured all the details required from the candidate that was really an amazing approach. Especially I like them they do best follow-up which make the candidate feel happy and motivated.I would recommend every candidate should take the services of NICEFIT.

  • Staring from Sharing JD to the After Interview, NICEFIT Team did continuous followup and used to give regular updates. And the Job profile is something which I liked a lot, NICEFIT won't be referring "n" number of jobs to you , however I am sure if they bring some JD in front of you, Go ahead that's the best you can get.

    Venkateswara Rao

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