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  • NICEFIT gives you a platform to play your role in a healthy environment.The work culture is truly phenomenal.The organisation focuses on bringing out the best in their employees which acts as a driving force to contribute and win.I am extremely proud to be a part of this wonderful organisation.

    Diana Tresa
    Diana Tresa
  • "It has been almost 7 months that i have been working with NICEFIT careers and it has proved to be a good experience for me. I found the focus is on building meaningful careers for every employee and During my tenure with NICEFIT, I have got many chances to learn and excel. It is inspiring to work for a company that encourages growth and offers opportunities for advancement.

  • I absolutely love the positivity of the place and people who work here! I work from home but I do wish I were able to work from office 🙂 may be some day soon!

  • Flat organizational structure--access to talk to anyone (even the CEO). Flexible schedule, great work/life balance, great benefits self-directed atmosphere. Casual dress code

  • Motivates Employees to learn & earn Transparency among all levels are best. Promotes more Ownership and Accountability

  • NICEFIT is a place where, flexibility in work is guaranteed. Giving options for working mother's to progress in their career and simultaneously take care of their family is a great thing. Also Liberty to express our views on any issue related to work, is another big strength of NICEFIT which all employees would love to have in their work place.

  • At NICEFIT I feel, we try to assist people shape their careers, sometime directly and sometimes indirectly. I personally get excited to assist someone getting into their FIRST RIGHT job, someone looking to get back to work and there have been instances where I was able to. Though the number may not very large, but it feels great to be a part of someone’s Career progression.. NICEFIT provided the platform for me to do these. Look forward to experience many more such moments at NICEFIT!

  • Here, people management is at its best. Added to this is team co-operation. Forget all these jargons, it is not a company, it is a family.

    Srinivas Nayak
  • NICEFIT is a GREAT FIT to learn and improve my skills. NICEFIT family help each other. I am enjoying and wining with them.

  • It's been a great experience working with NICEFIT, Its a pool of Nicest people.I found a place of Continuous learning and development. I have gained skills and process through expertise training which i have never imagined. It is a great place to learn, earn and having fun.

    Praveen Kumar
  • It's been quite a good experience working with Nicefit.!! The company offers an open and flexible work place with great corporate values.. I feel good to be a part of such wonderful organization and look forward for the continuous growth..

    Jyothsna T
  • An excellent work place where people believe in mentoring and not monitoring

    Kiran Kumar
  • Nicefit encourages you to play to your strengths, it is one of the rare career companies working with start-ups, treats entrepreneurship as a career and mentors/grooms start-ups and future leaders

    Arun Pandey
  • Being a working mother isn't so hard when you have a flexible and healthy work environment. NICEFIT made it possible for me


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