Employability Skills

A session on “Employability Skills” was conducted for the web designing and design students of grade XI of Delhi Public School, Hyderabad on 19 July, 2022.

In the words of a participating student...

“Initially, students had a very vague idea of the term- employability skills, but as we dived into the depth of the session, it became crystal clear of how this is the foundation of our career. "

This workshop helped students gain a crystal-clear picture of how employability skills are vital. It also put light on how education is the most important key to the door of inheriting good skills. Dr. Susanta Misra made us understand what the term employability skills mean with extremely fun and interactive activities. All students had put their thinking caps on when he kept hitting them with practical questions, which in turn was his way to make us understand that any skill is perfectly inherited only when it is put to practical use. We gained knowledge about different types of employers and the employment skills that each employer looks for in the potential candidate by a fun group activity.

“In the new world of work security lies not in employment, but in employability.” The workshop helped us understand the true meaning of this quote. In conclusion, I would like to thank our Principal ma’am, Vice Principal ma’am, Co-ordinators and teachers in charge and all the non-teaching staff to provide us with the opportunity to learn, discover and increase our knowledge everyday by these informative workshops.”